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You and Your Loved Ones Deserve the Support That You Earned

If your family is in need of economic benefits for medical expenses or strictly to survive from day to day, then it’s clear that your veterans benefits are incredibly important. Eligibility, as well as a rate benefit are areas that can be subject to errors by the VA officials who unfortunately, usually have little to no time to properly assess your claims. Do you feel as if your rate does not match your claim? Or, your families need for assistance? That’s where we come in.

Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban see it as our duty to help eligible veterans and their family members in an attempt to apply for the rating that they feel strongly mirrors their needs.

I Want a Better Rate, How Can I Apply For One?

If you are interested in applying for a better rate, the most important thing to know right away is that you are able to have an agent, or an attorney assist you with the process. From there, it’s important for you to take the following steps to obtain a better rating: 

  • Make sure all claims are in conjunction with your prior medical records.
  • Do not submit a handwritten application, please use the computer and print it out.
  • Do not wait to get started, time is a key factor in getting a better rating.
  • Compile all vital information from your medical records into a summarized sheet.
  • Present yourself in a polite and professional matter, it may make a difference.
  • Make sure all files that the VA requests are correct and up-to-date.
  • Make sure to request a copy of your file, as the Freedom of Information Act allows it to be made possible, and may show you mistakes you didn’t know existed.
  • Keep ALL original documentation and keep extra copies in a safe place.

Additionally, you can find a list of conditions that are covered by veteran’s benefits online, by clicking here. The list is made up of medical conditions and you will be able to find what you were diagnosed with by searching through it carefully. It can be difficult, and there’s no need to get worried or ashamed, just simply call us today at (866) 866-VETS, or reach out to us online so that one of our attorneys can help explain your eligibility to you, before you choose to file or appeal.

Veterans’ Disability Benefits Claim Denied?

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If you, or someone you love, is having a difficult time with the Department of Veterans Affairs in an effort to claim the benefits needed to sustain a comfortable quality of life, don’t wait another minute – contact Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban today, or simply call us now at (866) 866-VETS. We’re always available to talk to you, and there are no hidden fees to speak to us about your claim(s). Our firm works on contingency, so there are no fees whatsoever unless we win your claim for benefits. We’re accredited to represent you anywhere within the United States, so even if you can’t make it to one of our offices, we can still help you along the way.n.