by | Feb 5, 2020 | Military Spouse

No matter what branch of the service they’re in or what their particular duty might be, military personnel understand the sacrifices made by their wives and husbands. Often overlooked by others, these spouses handle their responsibilities with extraordinary strength and dedication. Now, the time is approaching where everyone is called to take a day to thank military spouses for what they do.

On May 10, National Military Spouse Appreciation Day will be celebrated across the country and at U.S. installations around the world. Started by President Reagan in 1984, many aspects of this commemoration have developed over three decades and become an important part of the military calendar, such as it being:

Celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day — Each year, the holiday has been celebrated in early May, in the midst of Military Appreciation Month and two days before Mother’s Day. In 1999, Congress officially incorporated the day honoring spouses within the month-long recognition of service members.

A presidential proclamation — Presidents annually issue a proclamation to call attention to the holiday. The 2018 statement reads in part: “Their countless sacrifices and tireless devotion to this country, and to those who defend her, are invaluable and irreplaceable. Military spouses shoulder the burdens of a challenging and demanding lifestyle with pride, strength, and determination.”

Observed in military communities here and abroad — Military bases, support organizations and private businesses schedule events designed to make the day special whether the service member is present on base or stationed overseas. Though many of these commemorations are geared toward women, such as afternoon teas and discounts for spa services, it’s important to remember that many men are military spouses, too.

National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a great way to say thanks and have some fun, but we shouldn’t forget that armed forces families face tough hurdles throughout the year. In some cases, the VA system makes it very difficult for military spouses, widows and widowers to secure the benefits they deserve.

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