by | Feb 5, 2020 | Veterans Benefits

Prominent attorney Don Marcari, whose first case as a JAG lawyer inspired the film A Few Good Men, recently published a suspense novel about a Navy court-martial, based on an actual case. Reader reviews on Amazon for Conduct Unbecoming are so far unanimous in their five-star appraisal.

Mr. Marcari’s military court drama follows in the tradition of A Few Good Men. But rather than centering on the early career of an untested trial lawyer, Mr. Marcari gives us a hero who is a successful but disillusioned defense attorney, ready to walk away from the service. Mr. Marcari, founding partner of Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban, says his novel is “based on an actual case I handled in private practice, interwoven with events that occurred during my Navy career.”

In the novel, Commander Mike DeMarco represents a young sailor, Joshua Miller, facing the death penalty for the murder of a marine war hero. DeMarco believes he can win the circumstantial case for his client but is perturbed when Miller refuses to cooperate. Shortly before trial, Miller relates a bizarre story about falling in love with a college student who called his barracks one evening out of the blue. Miller claims the “girlfriend” he never met later alleged three marines had raped her. In searching for her attackers, Miller uses questionable tactics, even impersonating an NCIS agent, and implicates himself as the prime suspect in the murder. Against DeMarco’s advice, Miller demands to take the witness stand. DeMarco has no choice but to find the girl if he hopes to win his case and save his client’s life.

Don Marcari has already co-authored a nonfiction book with Richard E. Spalding: Injured in an Accident? Ten of America’s Leading Personal Injury Attorneys Share Their Wisdom. But writing a novel was a longtime goal. Naturally, Mr. Marcari returned to his JAG roots for inspiration, and he now looks forward to feedback from his former colleagues in the JAG Corps.

Fans of military and courtroom drama can find Conduct Unbecoming on Amazon, where readers are calling it “courtroom drama at its best,” “action-packed,” “phenomenal,” and a “nonstop page turner.”

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