Medical Reimbursement for Millions of Vets!

Be on the lookout, as medical reimbursement for millions of Vets is on the way!

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced that over one million veterans should be prepared to receive instructions from the VA on how to see if they’re now considered to be eligible for medical reimbursement costs as a direct result of a previous court decision – which actually took place last fall.

The United States Court for Appeals for Veterans Claims had ruled, that the department was actually in violation of pre-existing federal law due to their regulations on veterans who may possibly be seeking non-department medical care!

They subsequently ordered Veteran’s Affairs officials to take a second look at over 70,000 rejected claims – and, to also make sure, that an update to their rules follows, stating that the department, is in clear violation of a prior responsibility, to honor and cover any of the costs related to unforeseen medical visits.

$716M in Improper Payments

Over the summer, the VA Inspector General issued a scathing report finding more than $700M was improperly processed and unpaid in cases surrounding Veterans who were seeking medical care outside of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs health system (’17). This included roughly $50M, which should’ve been previously distributed due to an existing set of rules.

Initially, the VA was arguing that they shouldn’t be expected to cover the unpaid balances – simply because, any veterans were covered underneath various different insurance plans. The court, however, did not see it the same way and ruled that it’s actually a violation of not only existing law but, also a violation of past legal precedent as well.

How Do I Get a Letter? When Will it Arrive?

This past Monday, April 13th, department staff began sending out letters to Veterans who were once rejected in terms of any financial relief related to past bills they’ve received in connection to non-department emergency medical care.

Sadly, it seems like the actual processing of these new claims will take several months, and may become subject to a ‘freeze’, due to an onslaught of open and active legal appeals.

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