NEWS: Hundreds of Unsealed Documents in Earplug Lawsuit!

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Appeals, Ear Plugs, Military Spouse, Resources, Veteran's Benefits, Veterans Affairs

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New Documents Unsealed in Earplugs Case

Last week, hundreds of pages of documents in a class-action lawsuit against 3M were unsealed and also made public by a federal judge in Pensacola, Florida. These documents include emails, depositions, memos, and receipts, that are all directly related to the Defense Departments’ purchase of earplugs from 3M over a twelve-year period.

In 2018, the Justice Department stated that 3M had originally agreed to pay over $9M in regards to allegations that they provided any faulty earplugs to the military.

As of right now, there’s said to be over 125,000 veterans who’ve made claims regarding these faulty earplugs nationwide – the initial suit was filed through the False Claims Act, according to documentation released by the Justice Department.

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3M Releases A Statement

In a statement, 3M said that they have “great respect for the brave men and women who protect us around the world,” however the details of the pending lawsuit seem to state the exact opposite.

The lawsuit against 3M claims that due to internal testing, the company was well aware of the fact that the earplugs were too short to fit into ear canals properly, and could sadly become unfastened in such a way that soldiers wearing them would have no idea.

Information also shows that when the United States military was involved in purchasing these earplugs – they were shown testing and results created using a modified earplug – and, were not told, that any extra modifications were needed in order to achieve the best in terms of available, on-sight protection, for the individuals that would be wearing them.

Sadly, veterans who wore these earplugs ended up suffering greatly from partial or complete hearing loss or tinnitus, which is a term used to describe a frequent ringing noise in one’s ear.

3M is sticking by their defense that the earplugs were created using the specifications given to them by the United States government, fully denying that anything created was defective – and, that injuries occurred as a direct result, as they plan to “vigorously defend” 3M from a possible onslaught of allegations going forward.

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Will There Be a Final Outcome?

Sadly, it appears as if there won’t be for just a little while longer.

The case itself won’t get underway until 2021 when it’s presided over by Judge M. Casey Rodgers, in U.S. District Court.

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