Veteran’s Affairs Approves Nearly 18,000 Blue Water Claims

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Veteran’s Affairs Approves Nearly 18,000 Blue Water Claims

Nearly one year after Congress and President Donald Trump granted Veterans Affairs benefits to sailors who served off the coast of Vietnam, the VA has granted nearly 18,000 claims.

The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act had required that the Department of Veterans Affairs be well versed in handling and providing disability benefits to any Veterans who proudly served off on ships in Vietnam. This is actively working to make sure, that the same benefits given to Veterans that were potentially exposed to Agent Orange are given to nearly 90,000 Navy Veterans as well.

The VA has received nearly 60,000 Blue Water disability claims in total, said VA Press Secretary Christina Noel, and out of those, since May 31st of this year, 23,735 have been processed, with just over 17,000 granted.

The United States House and the United States Senate unanimously passed the bill granting Blue Water Navy veterans benefits and President Trump signed it into law in June of 2019.

Troops from the Third Marine Division line up in Da Nang, South Vietnam, waiting to embark on Dec. 24, 1969. (AP Photo)

How Do I Know if I Qualify for Benefits?

That’s a great question and one that we sure do hear a lot!

When you put your life on the line to defend the United States, you deserve to be taken care of by your country – point-blank, period.

If you served in the military, have a disability rating for a condition connected to your service, and have a current illness or injury which is service-connected, you’re entitled to disability compensation from the VA. Through your commitment and dedication to serving and protecting this country, you’ve earned VA disability benefits and VA disability compensation is granted for both physical and mental conditions.

Monthly, tax-free payments can help you to afford life-related necessities and work to ease the burden that you may be feeling. Some of the many physical and mental conditions are, but are not limited to the following:

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