Trump Signs Two New Vet’s Support Bills

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Blog, News, Veteran's Benefits

Trump Signs Two New Vet’s Support Bills

This past Saturday, President Donald J. Trump signed two bills into law that will work to broaden the options for troubled Veterans primarily within the legal system and expand a grant program circled around home renovations for both blind and disabled Veterans.

The Veteran Treatment Court Coordination Act (VTCCA) will direct the Justice Department to support the development and establishment of Veterans’ treatment courts at the local, tribal, and state level(s).

In lieu of serving jail time, now, at more than 400 Veteran’s Treatment Courts nationwide, Veterans battling with substance abuse or mental health issues who’ve also committed non-violent crimes may enter into court-supervised medical treatment, and also get access to Veteran services and benefits.

Trump and Crist Comment on Legislation

After signing on Saturday, President Trump said:

“We’ve wanted this for a long time. They’ve been trying to get it for a long time, and now we have it.”

The bill was originally proposed in the House by Rep., Charlie Crist, D-FL, and in the Senate by Martha McSally, R.-AZ.

Crist went on to say that these courts have turned the lives of Arizona-based Veteran’s around, and now can work towards doing the same for Veteran’s nationwide.



In Buffalo, NY in early 2008 the very first Veteran’s Treatment Court was established by Judge Robert Russell after Russell noticed the influx of Veterans who were appearing in Buffalo’s drug and mental health rehabilitation programs.

For the last nine years, the Justice Department has supported the development of these courts, by most notably providing them with over $25 million for multiple states and localities.

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Veteran’s Housing Assistance Aid, Law Now Too

Also on Saturday, President Trump signed a law that will now work to give our nation’s Veterans more access to VA-based grants, which they can use to renovate their homes to accommodate their disabilities.

The Ryan Kules and Paul Benne Specially Adaptive House Act (2019) will expand, and will now be inclusive of those who are blind and will also raise the maximum amount of funding that Veteran’s can receive – moving from $83,000 to $98,000, a $15,000 increase.

This bill would also all eligible Veteran’s to access the fund six times – instead of the previous three. Giving them access to the full amount every decade – which will work to help them change their residence as needed.

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