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Take Action Today Against The Banks Who Chose to Fund Terrorism

There are several United States service members and also contractors that were harmed by Iranian-backed terrorism (EFP roadside bombs) and they may also have reputable personal injury cases against the banks who aided in attacks via the practice of money laundering. 

At Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban, we’re proud to help you and your family receive the compensation that you truly deserve, for economical losses, pain, suffering and a loss of the quality of your life.

How do I Know if I can File a Lawsuit?

It’s important to obtain the judgement of a federal court, by first proving that there was at the least, a connection between the malfeasance of the bank and the injury that you or your loved one ultimately were injured from. It’s already been well-documented that plenty of banks were responsible for funneling cash to Iran, and that Iran also chose to send terrorist devices, which were in turn sold off to Iraq, Afghanistan, and several other areas. 

It’s essential to prove that any injury sustained took place from 2004 to the present, and it was also directly caused by a device that was backed by Iran. Those may include:

These devices, the parts they’re made with, and the instructions used to operate them were all imported into Afghanistan and Iraq to solely kill Americans, any coalitions forces and also to terrorize communities cooperating with any war effort. In addition to injured veterans, the children and spouses of veterans who were killed by these devices can also make a claim in regards to the Iraq & Afghan War Fund.

Veterans’ Disability Benefits Claim Denied?

We represent clients nationwide. Call 866-866-VETS

Veterans’ Disability Benefits Claim Denied?

We represent clients nationwide.
Call 866-866-VETS

Catastrophic Injuries and Death Can Possibly Result in Compensation

Effects of EFPs can truly be horrific for any American who finds themself directly within the combat zone, and, If you, or someone that you know and love, was critically involved in one of these types of situations, our firm is here to help. Those situations include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • The loss of a loved one.
  • Suicide of a loved one, in regards to EFP-connected mental impairments.
  • The loss, or amputation of limbs.
  • Traumatic brain injury/injuries.
  • Spinal cord paralysis, or injuries.
  • The loss of vision.
  • ‘Blast’ injuries, shrapnel wounds/scars.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Unfortunately, the Iraq & Afghan War Fund is not possible for all casualties of war, only to someone who is able to provide proof suggesting that Iranian-backed terror, and terroristic devices caused their injury. Any case of this magnitude is not easy to make, argue, or even win, but when you choose to work with our law firm, a team of people who possess over 200 years of combined legal experience, and who are accredited to represent you anywhere in the United States, feel confident that we have the knowledge to fight for you.

How IEDS & EFP Roadside Bombs Effect VA Disability Benefits

Lawsuits that seek out payments from the Iraq & Afghan War Fund fully separate from VA disability benefits. Even if you’re receiving VA disability benefits, you may still file a claim that’s centered around an IED/EFP roadside bomb lawsuit. Filing the IED/EFP does not affect the previous disability claim.

But, if you were injured in either Iraq or Afghanistan, you may also be entitled to VA disability benefits. If you have been denied, we can fight to help you get the benefits that you deserve.

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