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We Take Pride in Helping Widows & Spouses Recover from this Tragedy

Husband and wives across the United States who unfortunately had their significant other die due to their military service are subsequently eligible for the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation program, more commonly referred to as survivor’s benefits. This program is designed to help family members who may be struggling with bills and income after the loss of a loved one. Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban are here to assist anyone that is in the position to be eligible for these benefits.

My Husband/Wife Passed Away, How do I know if I am Eligible?

Survivors benefits are commonly referred to as the DIC program, and it is sought over by the Veterans Administration. Family members, and spouses/widows of service members who died while protecting the United States of America may be eligible to receive these benefits, you may qualify if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Married to a service member who died while on active duty, active duty for training or inactive duty for training.
  • Validly married to a veteran before the date of January 1st, 1957.
  • Married to a veteran within fifteen (15) years of the date that the injury or disease that claimed their life took place/became formally aggravated.
  • Married to the veteran in question for at least one year.
  • Had a child with the veteran, and lived with said veteran until their untimely death.
  • Did not seek immediate remarriage.


Survivor Benefits Claim Denied?

We represent clients nationwide. Call 866-866-VETS

Survivor Benefits Claim Denied?

We represent clients nationwide.
Call 866-866-VETS

How do I Know What my DIC Rate Will Be?

If the veteran in question was deceased on or after the date of January 1st, 1993, the rate of $1215.00 was set in 2012. That being said, it is possible for that to change over the course of time when other unique elements of a case come to the forefront. Other certain allowances are able to be added to the initial base rate, including the following:

  • Additional $258.00 if the veteran’s death was already determined to be qualifying for compensation benefits related to a service-connected disability, rated totally disabiling for a continuous period of the last eight (8) years. This also includes a rating that is based on individual unemployment.
  • Additional $301.00 per child, if they’re under the age of eighteen (18) and also a dependant.
  • An additional $301.00 if a surviving spouse is entitled to A&A.
  • An additional $141.00 if a surviving spouse is entitled to housebound.

Families of veterans who died before the date of January 1st, 1993 are assessed at another rate. For more information, please consider speaking to one of our VA benefits attorneys.

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