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Our Attorneys Fight to Secure What Your Service Earned

Anyone who is seeking out compensation benefits knows that it’s everything short of a simple process, with thousands of veterans denied every single year.

At Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban, we pride ourselves on pushing past the red tape and obtaining the benefits veterans are very much entitled to. Our clients are aware from the initial consultation that we’re on the case immediately, because to us, veterans are more than settlements, and more than names and numbers on paper, they are our family, no matter what.

We aim to make the process simple, not like those other law firms that pass you around and only cause headaches, we don’t operate that way. Want to see for yourself? In need of help?

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How Do I Know if I am Entitled to Compensation Benefits?

The level of disability you possess directly determines the amount of any monthly, non-taxable compensation payments you’ll receive, as well as the amount of medical care the VA provides at no additional cost.

To be eligible for benefits, the VA must see three, key, pieces of evidence to support your claim, those being the following:

  • Current disability.
  • Symptoms of a disease, an injury suffered, or the re-aggravation of a disease or injury that was sustained during your time in the service, or in a short period following your time in the service.
  • A common thread between your disability and any disease/injury that took place while in the service.

Our firm is ready to step up to the plate for those who have had their claims denied by the VA, or were awarded a low benefit amount. We’re accredited to work with veteran’s appeals across the United States, and we make sure that we are on top of all issues or changes that may affect veterans of past wars, like Vietnam veterans, Gulf War veterans and also veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Veterans’ Disability Benefits Claim Denied?

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Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban Will Gladly Fight For Veterans Across the U.S.!

If you, or someone you love, is having a difficult time with the Department of Veterans Affairs in an effort to claim the benefits needed to sustain a comfortable quality of life, don’t wait another minute – contact Marcari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban today, or simply call us now at (866) 866-VETS. We’re always available to talk to you, and there are no hidden fees to speak to us about your claim(s). Our firm works on contingency, so there are no fees whatsoever unless we win your claim for benefits. We’re accredited to represent you anywhere within the United States, so even if you can’t make it to one of our offices, we can still help you along the way.